Tales of Longing and Loss

Saudade: there’s no English word for it … it’s a sort of longing, a mourning for somewhere, sometime, someone that was once everything but can never be again.”

John Saudade

Blending Iberian folklore with a shocking slice of Portuguese history, internationally-acclaimed writer and storyteller John Edgar’s brand new performance tells us three tales of princesses, two of whom do very well indeed, thank you, and a third, the renowned Inès de Castro, the celebrated Dead Queen of Portugal. Using a combination of storytelling and song, dark humour and the goriest of Grande Guignol, John Edgar brings his unique, lively, physical and “wonderfully feral” style to a show in which everyone doesn’t always live happily ever after and where the prince finally gets his princess but at a terrible cost.

Saudade can be seen as part of the Plymouth Fringe Festival 2017 at the B-Bar, Barbican Theatre, on Thursday 1st June at 2.30pm.