The Player’s Tale

A Storytelling Presentation and Workshop on the Life and Times of Master William Shakespeare


The Player’s Tale tells the story of John’s own favourite storyteller, William Shakespeare - his life, his times and the world in which he worked as a writer, actor and businessman.  In this storytelling presentation, John takes the group on a guided (and, occasionally, hands-on) tour of Shakespeare’s theatre and Shakespeare’s London, as well as giving us a detailed and highly entertaining insight into the life of the man himself.  Thoroughly researched from historical sources and apocryphal anecdote, seeks to locate Shakespeare firmly in his age, and is a fun and occasionally gory way for young people to learn more about the Bard and his stage.
This production is adaptable for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4, and can include a supporting workshop after the performance which can be based around any Shakespeare play or set scenes being studied by your school.  If you wish, John can also tell the story of the Shakespeare play of your choice, incorporating quotes and songs from the play and placing the script clearly in the context of its tale.
As with all of John’s workshop, the presentation and workshops can be tailored, in terms of both content and duration, to suit the requirements of your groups.
“A 'MUST BOOK' learning opportunity. John's show has the rare quality of being both highly entertaining and highly informative, bringing Shakespeare’s times to life for pupils. Wonderful” Chris Rowley, Aston Manor School, Birmingham
“John engaged the audience from the very beginning.  An excellent insight into Shakespeare's theatre.  His post-performance workshop on Romeo and Juliet was outstanding” - Mia Clark, St Edmund’s RC School, Wolverhampton